So you want to make decals huh?

         My name is John. In Mid-2003 I started a small business producing, primarily, vinyl decals and graphics. Stickers. I had around $2000.00 that i had saved up and i had gained an oddly natural urge to start making money myself without having to punch a clock. At that time i had very little knowledge of vinyl decals and the whole vinyl graphics industry. I did however know that people around me wanted stickers made. Custom ones to put on their cars mainly. Many people i knew then would tell me "if you go to the mall they charge like a $100 bucks for a decal!". I did a simple search online and DOVE RIGHT IN! I had some help from friends and classes at school about how to work the computer / design side of the decals. With the exception of a few friends, I had nothing else but myself and the internet to help me figure out the business side of things. This site exists for the entreprenure looking to venture into this business, the bored reader who likes to learn about random stuff, or the person who i am unable to describe because, really, there is no limit to who this site is for... It's for YOU!

      Give yourself some time with this website and you will be well versed in how to go about making vinyl decals, vinyl stickers, and vinyl graphics. You will read about the business end of it and the the computer / designs end of it. You will have an idea of the customer base in which you may find yourself dealing with, especially in the begining of your venture. You will also learn some tricks-of-the-trade, tricks that were developed over years of experience and also tips that were passed down to me professionally through the trade. If you give yourself a fair amount of time in researching this website and others regarding the industry of making vinyl decals and vinyl stickers, then you will very likely find yourself successfull at it if you so choose to do it. Good luck on your journey and may it serve you well. -john